Fluid Bodies @ NANO

Fluid Bodies is a work developed in collaboration with Victoria Vesna and Jim Gimzewski of UCLA. It is on display at the Nano Exhibition held from December 2003 - September 2004 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It shows a reflection of the future hidden worlds of nanotechnology.

Person walking through exhibit User looking at piece Photos provided by UCLA.

The piece builds a reflection of the world from 100,000 simulated nano particles as seen through an attached video camera. Motion in front of the camera results in an increase in particle density and brightness in corresponding areas within the simulation as well as motion within the fluid holding the particles. This results in a liquid reflection of the viewers as if they were constructed from the nano particles. Short clips of previous viewers will occasionally intermingle with your own.

A modified version of this work is now also on display at 'Crash and Flow' in Korea.

Bruce Sterling interacting with piece Bruce Sterling interacting with piece Bruce Sterling interacting with piece.
Photos by Xeni Jardin.

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