Part 1: Augmented Reality

The work on the head-up display brought forward another idea that been ticking away in the background for some time - the mix of digital information with the real world. The premise being that if we can control the user's senses, we can control their perception of the world, allowing them to see the hidden world of computer-generated data within the context of reality.

Glasses were built to allow the user to see this 'hidden world' using a consumer Head-Mounted Display with an attached webcam. Video processing software was written to track printed markers, and to use those as a reference to bring a 3D object into the scene with correct positioning and rotation.

No video-processing libraries (such as ARToolKit) were used or referenced in the construction of this project

  1. image: headset with camera
  2. image: user's view
  3. video: user's view (QT, 5.6MB)
Videos is as seen through the user's headset.

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