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Part 2: Augmented Reality Artwork

While the Abstraction-Now exhibition was fantastic in terms of being able to present generative artwork outside of the confines of the internet, it was still being presented on a computer monitor (albiet a very pretty one). So the next step was to combine the recent work in Mixed Reality, and the sort of pieces that had been created on

A setup like this would allow galleries to loan visitors Head Mounted Displays for the duration of their visit - the walls of the gallery would contain printed markers with unique patterns, with each pattern tied to a specific piece. This would lead to presentation of animated 3d artwork only bound by the artist's vision, and not by physics. The videos below show a prototype piece, developed in time for presentation at Unite 17.

  1. image: initial idea
  2. video: initial idea (QT, 7.1MB)
  3. image: wall mounted
  4. video: wall mounted. (QT, 7.2MB)
  5. video: further idea. (QT, 2.3MB)
Videos are as seen through the user's headset.

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